ClusterFlushTM is the safer, kinder and more
powerful alternative to acid and quat based sanitisers

ClusterFlushTM is an equipment sanitiser which is administered through your current cluster backflush system to clean and sanitise the system after each milking.

It is a powerful sanitiser that kills more harmful bacteria in less time than traditional sanitisers but is safer for you to use and store; kinder to the cow and non-corrosive to equipment.

  • Contains no quats – which can leave a sticky residue affecting milk quality
  • Contains no acids – peracetic acid can corrode milking equipment and be harmful to your skin and to your cow’s teats
  • 100% compliant for milk producers and is tested and approved to the highest veterinary standard BS EN 1656
  • Helps to reduce SCC and control the spread of mastitis – improving milk yields, reducing the need for antibiotics and minimising vet bills
  • Concentrated - making it economical to use and easy to store and carry
  • Nontoxic at dilution and free of heavy metals making it safe to dispose of

ClusterFlush™ is a powerful sanitiser for milking systems that kills harmful bacteria more effectively and more quickly than traditional sanitisers. ClusterFlush ™ is a powerful acid alternative and performs better than peracetic acid in terms of destroying bacteria and contact time.

Reduces Mastitis in Cows

ClusterFlush™ has been developed to help curtail the spread of mastitis in dairy cattle, which in turn reduces the need to use antibiotics and other medication, lowering vet bills and increasing milk yields. Greater yields mean higher margins and improved business security.   

Recent veterinary trials have concluded that ClusterFlush™ reduces cross-contamination of cattle diseases by up to 99%.

Safer for You, Your Herd and Your Equipment

Unlike other sanitising products, ClusterFlush™ contains no acids or quats (quaternary ammonium compounds), so is gentler on the cow’s teats, non-corrosive to your equipment, and safer for you to use and store.

Quat-based disinfectants will often leave a sticky residue on milking machines, which can lead to both the spread of mastitis across the herd and increased traces of quats in milk.

Conforms To Legislation

Milk producers will need to conform to forthcoming EU legislation which reduces the maximum residue levels of DDAC and BAC - two quats widely used in milking machine sanitisers - from 0.5 mg/kg to 0.1 mg/kg. By using ClusterFlush™, you eliminate the risk of being in breach of this legislation.

ClusterFlush™ is 100% compliant for milk producers and is tested and approved to the highest veterinary standard, BS EN 1656.

20 litres dilutes to 20,000 litres, good for 20,000 milkings

20 litres of ClusterFlush™ is diluted with 180 litres of water. This gives you 200 litres of dairy sanitiser to use in your dosing system. Setting up the system so that it draws off from the reservoir at the required dilution delivers a final take-out minimum yield of 20,000 litres in the flush system.

Safe Storage and Disposal

ClusterFlush™ comes in both a 2.5 and 20 litres concentrate. ClusterFlush™ is non-toxic at dilution, being diluted 1,000/1 at end use. It stores safely and for long periods of time without gassing, plus being free of heavy metals, ClusterFlush™ is simple and safe to dispose of.


Helps reduce SCC & control mastitis
Meets highest quality sanitiser standards
100% compliant for milk producers
Safe to handle & more comfortable on teats
Non corrosive to equipment